From an Augie mom: 5 reasons my daughter chose Augustana

rachel gustafson
瑞秋Z. Gustafson
September 21, 2022

Over the last 30 years working in 招生, I have sat across the table from a lot of parents. I’ve often wondered how it would really feel to be in their position, getting ready to launch your 18-year-old out into the world. Well, it’s exciting and scary and unbelievable, and all those things I thought it would be, and more. Helping my senior through her college search has filled me with so many emotions.

I was especially excited for my oldest, 格蕾丝, to visit schools, even during a pandemic, to see what would catch her attention, and what would turn her off.  It was fascinating to hear the questions she asked and discover what mattered to her. And it was humbling to see how much didn’t matter to her (hello, 99% of the mail received!).

In the end, I was honored, excited, and grateful 格蕾丝 chose to attend Augustana. After all, it is my alma mater and where I proudly work. 话虽如此, it takes a special kid to agree to be at college with her mom, but Augustana is that special place.

格蕾丝’s decision came down to these five factors.

1. Faculty connection

From her first visit with faculty in the communication sciences and disorders program, she started to think about Augustana differently. The faculty were impressive, they were personable, they were experts in their field and they care deeply about their department and their students. This was evident in every interaction we had with them over the course of almost two years. 格蕾丝 is excited to learn from them.

2. Coach connection

Playing college volleyball was 格蕾丝’s goal since she started playing in grade school. 教练Bethke connected with her early on, made her feel welcome, and helped her see how her dream could come true. 教练Bethke runs a high-caliber program with a group of hard-working student-athletes dedicated to success on and off the court, who also respect each other and their differences. Her program stresses balance with athletic achievement, strong academics, and being on a supportive team. It was exactly what 格蕾丝 was looking for.

3. 校园的美丽

This was important to 格蕾丝, and in our search we didn’t find any other campus that compared to the beauty of Augustana. From the natural beauty of the slough path to the architectural beauty of the buildings, we really found nothing like it.

4. 奥吉的建议

I've been telling her about Augustana’s strengths for years. But we know that doesn’t carry all the weight. Every time 格蕾丝 mentioned Augustana as a possible choice to anybody, 老师, 教练, 其他大学, she was always met with positive reviews and affirmations. And it happened a lot. It was impressive. And it was meaningful to a kid who cares what people think and wants a degree that will open doors and be recognized.

5. Seeing the world

格蕾丝 is a curious adventurer and she knows she will have opportunities to explore the world through Augustana. She wants a place that not only supports 出国留学 but encourages and incorporates it widely. She has big dreams and knows she will be encouraged to dream even bigger over the next four years. She has already been invited to play volleyball in Costa Rica as a first-year student and she cannot wait. 和 奥吉的选择, it was a no-brainer.

Now I get to have a front seat to all the adventures to come. I am so grateful that 格蕾丝 has found her perfect fit in Augustana. I can’t wait to see how she grows, the connections she makes, and the adventures she will be part of! We are so proud of her and her choice to invest in Augustana. I hope this helped you in making the final decision or even if you're just getting started! If you're still on the fence, I urge you to 来访问 us and take a look around campus, meet a professor and talk to current Augie students.

rachel gustafson
瑞秋Z. Gustafson
Associate Director of 招生